Learn About Eddie

Meet Eddie Our Mascot, STHS Children's Hospital, Edinburg, Texas
Learn About Eddy

Real name: Eduardo III

Birthplace: Brazil (Amazon Rainforest)

Date of Birth: March 4, 2006 at 6:50 a.m.

Education: Homeschooled

Favorite school subjects: Math and Science

Occupation: Mascot for South Texas Health System Children's

Height: 66 inches

Weight: 189 lbs

Father: Eduardo Jr.

Mother: Edwina

Grandfather: The late Eduardo Sr.

Grandmother: The late Edwana

Physical attributes: Curly tail, bright smile and big ears

Favorite number: 9

Favorite cartoon: Curious George

Favorite book: Jungle Book

Favorite sport: Soccer

Favorite colors: Yellow and green

Favorite foods: Pizza and bananas

Favorite dessert: Banana pudding

Favorite movie: Madagascar

Hobbies: Dancing, bicycle riding, fishing, skateboarding

Favorite places: South Texas Health System Children's and South Padre Island

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Favorite Causes: Promoting kid safety

Favorite board game: Barrel of Monkeys

Drink: Coconut milk

Pet: Gloria the Goldfish

Best friend: Rowdy

Personality: Outgoing, helpful and adventurous

Achievements: Rock climbing, dance video and helicopter riding

Favorite song: "I Like to Move It, Move It!" by Real 2 Real

Learn About Eddy