Thank you for your interest in visiting the patients at South Texas Health System Children's! For the safety and privacy of our patients and families, please review the following guidelines. These guidelines must be followed by all special visitors and events:

  • Visitors, performers and donors must be escorted at all times. Visitors must be in good health. Anyone who has experienced exposure to or symptoms of flu, measles, mumps, hepatitis, chicken pox, rash, diarrhea or vomiting within the past two weeks may not visit.
  • The content of any visit or special event must be religiously and politically neutral. Our children are from a wide variety of religious, political and social backgrounds.
  • Children are permitted out of their rooms for only a limited amount of time. Please be on time for your event. If you expect a delay, please contact the child life specialist at 956-388-6923 as soon as possible.
  • If any toys, prizes or gifts are to be distributed, there must be prior approval with the child life specialist. Please call 956-388-6923 for more information.
  • The privacy and confidentiality of our patients and families are our top priority. Parental consent is required prior to photographing any child. Visitors must have approval to take photos ahead of time. Permission to take photos must be requested before time of event.
  • Please respect patient and family privacy and avoid sensitive topics. Do not ask questions about patient’s illness or injury, age, length of hospital stay or plans for going home. No patient photos, names or identifying information are to be posted to social networking sites, such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Press and media coverage should never be the purpose or priority of any donation or event. Media presence is a great distraction to children, due to lights, cameras and crowded conditions. All media invitations or press releases must be coordinated with the hospital Marketing office at 956-388-2036 at least two full weeks in advance.

Please complete the below form at least two weeks prior to desired event day.