Known as the period from birth until two years, infancy seems like it ends just as quickly as it begins. But so much change occurs in a child during that short period of time, and it’s important that parents are aware of their infant’s various health needs, including feeding, immunizations, screenings, dental health and sleep.

Infancy is also an especially vulnerable time, so parents and guardians must also take precautions when it comes to home and car safety in addition to being wary of common infant health threats such as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

As part of its commitment to helping parents stay on top of their child’s health, South Texas Health System Children’s will dedicate its next “Let’s Talk Children’s Health” webinar to educating parents on infant care. The free online seminar will help parents provide the best care for their child, and help them learn what health issues to keep an eye on. 

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